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We always go the extra mile for our clients and if you list your house for sale with us exclusively, we’ll go an extra two miles. Or ten!
Exclusive listings benefit greatly from exposure to many more highly-interested buyers at specially organized open houses, as well as from more-focused local marketing, additional marketing in the most prestigious print magazines in the country and special exposure in exclusive and luxury-oriented worldwide property network platforms.

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Price it Right

It is far more common for a luxury home – with all its bells and whistles – to sit on the market than for a lower-priced home. Be aware of realtors in Costa Rica who say to go for the highest price possible. It would help if you priced aggressively to attract as many qualified buyers as possible.

Deploy an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Real estate marketing in Costa Rica is not too different from marketing anywhere else. When selling luxury property in Costa Rica, you’ve got to use every tool available. Using every available tool means marketing on numerous channels, including print, direct mail, and online MLS databases. Social media has also become an extremely effective channel to sell luxury homes, so ask your agent if they use it!

Quality Video and Images

I don’t know how many listings for luxury homes we’ve seen where the images were terrible! During the selling process we are asking people to fork over a lot of money, so you had better entice them with the highest-quality HD photos, aerial drone videos, and custom virtual tours.

Staging is Key

With luxury real estate, you’re not just selling a home, you’re selling a lifestyle. It’s a good idea to use a professional realtor who can help you stage your home to show it off from top to bottom and inside and out.